Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Quality Assurance

The URV's commitment to quality and continuous improvement has been the backbone of its strategy ever since the University was founded in 1991, and a distinguishing trait and common thread through all its activity. The URV has formally established a strategy in order to foster the development of a culture of quality, which is aligned with the institution's mission, vision and values, as set out in its Statute.

Furthermore, in accordance with the commitment to quality assurance required by the European Higher Education Area, universities must have an officially established and publicly available Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS).

As such, the Faculty of Oenology (FE) developed and launched an IQAS that aims to guarantee the quality of the centre's activities and scope of action, as well as that of the bachelor's and master's degree programmes that it offers. In 2010, the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency positively evaluated the Faculty of Oenology's IQAS as part of its AUDIT programme.

The Faculty of Oenology's IQAS is structured as follows:

The Quality Policy: A public commitment by the interested parties to a culture of quality and guides the Faculty's strategic management. It outlines the centre's mission, vision and quality assurance objectives.

The Quality Manual (documentation in catalan): The main document describing the IQAS that specifies the processes it involves. It also includes an introduction to the Faculty of Oenology, as well as information on how it is organised and structured and its responsibilities.

The IQAS Process Map (documentation in catalan): A graphic representation of the processes and how they relate to one another, including links to the corresponding files.

* Documentation in Catalan.