Universitat Rovira i Virgili

What do we offer?

1. Constant innovation

At the Faculty of Enology we have a firm commitment to Quality, hence our programs for innovation and continuous improvement. In this way, we ensure that our Teaching and Research meet the demands of society and we anticipate future needs.

2. International projection

The Faculty of Enology is at the heart of one of the most important wine-producing regions in southern Europe and the home of leading multinationals in pharmacology and food. The URV is wholly committed to generating knowledge in this internationally ambit.

3. Professional employment

The focus of our Teaching is eminently practical. The Faculty collaborates with and has the support of various businesses and business clusters in the agri-food sector, a relationship that has enabled the Faculty to offer its students the opportunity to undertake internships and obtain employment.

  • "Together we will go far" 

    Biotechnology and Enology are essential sciences in life. At the URV we work to advance knowledge in these ambits, and we do so by providing the professionals of the future with all of the necessary universal competencies.
  • Society needs well prepared professionals with the ability to reflect and with a critical and constructive spirit. And in this regard, our students always have the support of the faculty's teaching staff. We want to help our students to plan their academic career, to meet their own expectations and to project their professional futures. Together we want to go further.
  • Manuel Suárez Recio
  • Dean of the Faculty of Enology