Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Wine Tasting Club organized by the Faculty of Enology

It is an activity consisting of wine tasting sessions and it is open to all students and professors of the Faculty of Enology. A different wine producer is invited for each session and brings and presents the wines that are to be tasted. Students are given priority of professors. 

The Wine Tasting club is a fun extra-curricular activity for students and professors of the Faculty of Enology and also gives students the chance to get to know different wine producers from the various Catalan D.O.  

Becoming a member of the Wine Tasting Club is really easy. You simply have to fill in the registration form and you will be able to participate in the sessions programed by the Club.  

The program of sessions planned by the Wine Tasting Club will be sent to members and published on the Faculty's website and Facebook page. The sessions take place in the Faculty's Tasting Room, which means that the number of people is limited to 30 and that therefore members must sign up separately for each session.

Join the "Facultat d'Enologia" Wine Tasting Club.
You are guaranteed a fun time!