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Wine Tasting Club

Wine Tasting Club “Oenology Faculty”

Welcome students!

We are organising a Wine Tasting Club from the Oenology Faculty.

  • What will the Wine Tasting Club consist in?

It will be an activity open to all the students and professors from the Oenology Faculty and it will consist in carrying out wine tasting sessions. A wine-producer who will bring and introduce the wines to be tasted will be invited to each of the sessions. The students will have priority over the professors.

  • Why this tasting club?

The Wine Tasting Club is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable extracurricular activity both for the students and professors from the Oenology Faculty, which will also allow to interact and to know the different cellars of the Catalan C/O.

  • How can I become a member of the Wine Tasting Club?

Being a member of the Wine Tasting Club is very easy. You only need to fill in the registration form, which will give you the chance to participate in the sessions organised by the Wine Tasting Club.

  • How will the Wine Tasting Club work?

The schedule of the sessions of the Wine Tasting Club will be sent to the members of the club and it will also be published to the web and to the Facebook of the Faculty. These sessions will be carried out in the Tasting Room of our Faculty, which holds 30 people. Thus, the members will have to register in order to attend the different sessions.

We encourage you to enrol in the Wine Tasting Club of the Oenology Faculty. We will definitely have a good time!