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Mas dels Frares Experimental Cellar

The infrastructures of the Faculty were enlarged with a vineyard and a cellar due to the development of oenology teaching. The town of Tarragona ceded a 7 hectare field, from which 5 were planted with vineyards during the years 1990 and 1991.
The vineyard was designed for teaching and for research purposes. Hence, on the one hand, 17 different varieties were sowed, among which there were some of the most representative local ones and which were newly introduced, which allowed the students to follow up the development of those varieties.
On the other hand, other plantations were planned in order to analyse the effects of the frame of plantation, water stress and the effects of controlled irrigation on wine production and quality.
Additionally, an ampelographic collection of 67 local varieties are kept so that their oenologic potential and their possible use in the future can be analysed.

A 700 m2 cellar built in 1995 is surrounded by the experimental and teaching plots. This cellar has a 60,000 kg grapes processing capacity, which produce 45,000 litres of wine, approximately. This production is used for teaching purposes, basically (vinifications and the follow-up of the production in the cellar are part of the formation), but a reasonable quantity is used for research purposes. The cellar comprises a microvinification room with 100 l tubes at a controlled temperature. This room is an excellent accompaniment to the industrial fermentations that are usually carried out in the cellar.